Pints, Painting, and a Chicago Connection

On Thursday January 21, 20 of us gathered at Two Brothers Tap House and Brewery to tap into our inner artist and attempt painting while drinking.  This can go either one of two directions, but for most of us, it was just fun!  The few that were not painting were there to enjoy their beer flight and offer “constructive” peanut gallery criticism to our artwork. 

We learned from our Two Brothers representative, Sam, that this brewery was originally from Chicago (the Two Brothers Jim and Jason Ebel began home brewing in 1992 and opened their first business together in 1996) and had been open in Scottsdale for ~ one year now.  Their food menu was created to pair well with beer.  The Scottsdale location has also just started brewing in October 2015.  The beers can be purchased at Total Wine and Two Brothers' has a total of ~ 11 locations around the nation, with Chicago still being their main home.

Two Brothers was “on” with prompt service, and an amazing appetizer spread (especially the pesto grilled cheese thing – amazing!) so that we could be well sated before painting (and also to make sure that we didn’t get our greasy food all over the canvases). 

For those choosing to participate in the flight and appetizers (a good deal at only $15), we received 6 beer samples (with samples served every 10-15 minutes, making it important to keep up with your samples or make sure that you didn’t use them to wash your paintbrush in).  The Domaine Dupage (sample #2) is their “flagship” beer that they are known for.

We also received a nice “swag” glass full of chapstick, buttons, stickers, and more importantly a card to receive a free 12 oz. sample each month through the year (ensuring that we will definitely be returning!).

Our sunset canvas painting was lead by Francesca, the owner of Painting with Canvas.  Francesca, is a self-taught artist, who during the painting process takes you step-by-step on how to create what looks like an extremely complicated scene, but can be broken down into simple steps (no artistic experience required).  Although some of wish our canvases looked a little more like hers when we were done, the important part was that we had fun, and each of us was able to express our own artistic vision or our “own personalized sunset”.  We even incorporated the logo of Two Brothers into our sunset painting, although my logo may have become more of a “G” than the famous Two Brothers’ swirl!

All-in-all, it was a well-organized, enjoyable evening where I not only have a monthly inducement to return to Two Brothers, but also a Sunset reminder of my time with AZ Girls' Pint Out.