McFate + Coloring = Amazing Girls Pint Out Evening

On July 27, the ladies experienced a busy and full event at McFate Brewing in south Scottsdale. The newer location featured an on-sight brewery, which we all got to tour. Our fabulous tour-guide, Gabe, helped us understand the history of McFate (once known as Fate brewing) and how it started, how it has grown, and where it plans to go in the future. The coolest feature of the tour included seeing how the brewery developed their own system to gauge how much beer is remaining in their vats. 

Besides the tour, we got to sample some excellent beers. They had a lot to choose from, and our flight included their Porch Pilz, Get Wit It, and On Deck Session IPA. We each got to choose our own pints as well. We feasted on their soft pretzels with cheese, hummus, and spinach dip. We were also given a heads up that McFate's famous candy bar stout will be releasing a few varieties this coming fall.

The best part of the evening was our coloring activity. The page was hand drawn by Sheryl Hugill, one of our fellow GPO members! Not only did it provide the stress relief that so many of us females could use from time to time, it also allowed for us to donate school supplies to Treasures for Teachers. In addition, we raised $150.50 to donate to them.