I'll have a piece of fruit with that beer!

AZ Girls Pint Out had a great time in August with our generous hosts, Beer Research Institute.  We did a fun fruit and beer combination tasting.  It was great to get out to the “east side” to visit this kicked back, relaxing brewery.  Mesa is a bit low on the number of breweries that it has, so it was a welcome bright spot for Mesa craft beer lovers when BRI opened in November 2014.  This brewery does a fantastic job with West Coast-style IPA’s and Belgian-style beers.  They have awesome food made from scratch that has never disappointed me on multiple visits.

We had about 30 ladies in attendance on this lovely Wednesday evening.  Our pairings were as follows:

·        Peach Lolli with peaches

·        Professor Plum in the Brewery with the Mash Paddle (plum Saison) with plums

·        Anniversary Ale (Chardonnay barrel-aged Lolli) with chardonnay grapes

·        Mjango Unchained IPA with mango

The pairing of fruit and beer was really fun.  It was neat to taste the fruit and then take a sip to see if you could really pick up that flavor in the beer.  This was definitely a unique experience that no one at our table had every done before.  I think we’d all be game to do it again with different beers and different fruits because it was so fun.  Alongside the fruit and beer, we had their nachos, poutine, pretzel nuggets and chips with salsa and guacamole.  We got to share the appetizers at each table.  After some drinking and noshing, Matt Trethewey, one of the brains behind the brews at BRI, gave the AZ Girls Pint Out a great tour of the brewery so we could get up close to where all the magic happens.  Overall, it was a great time.  I’m looking forward to returning to BRI on my own in the near future.  Here’s to more fun AZGPO events the rest of the year!