August 30th 2017 Beer Research Institute

Last year in August we had such an amazing event at Beer Research Institute that we decided to have another one this August! As women we get categorized as loving light and fruity beer but this event will be based around 2 different IPAs, a stout and a wheat beer with some amazing homemade food pairings, because really, who doesn't love some good food?

I don't know about you, but when I go out to have a drink, I'm automatically offered a cocktail menu, not a beer list. When I ask about what beers are on tap, I get a strange look of confusion as to why my boyfriend wants a vodka, and I want a wheat, a blonde, a lager, a milk stout or a porter. As women, I get categorized as wanting something fruity and light; not a good old ale. If you love your beer as much as I do, come join us for an amazing event at BRI in Mesa. If you can't make this event, hopefully we will see you at another! 

The menu for the event is as follows:
1. 480G IPA paired with Hop Buttered, Hop Salted Pretzel Nuggets and 480G Beer Mustard
2. Opuntia Prickly Pear Wheat paired with a summer salad and Prickly Pear Vinegarette
3. Top Secret Battle Monkey Double IPA paired with BBQ Grilled Lollipop Grilled Chicken Drums
4. Morning Sex Coffee Milk Stout paired with Tiramisu

If you missed our event, check back soon for our next event to be posted!